From 20 february 2019 to 20 may 2019

Jean-Baptiste Huynh has the same camera for thirty years. And the same protocol: he always puts himself at the same distance from his subject, and has only a source of light. All his studio is in a small suitcase ... That's why he travels the world easily, meeting unknown faces whose beauty touches him at the turn of a market or train station.
Famous for his portraits, but also for his still lifes (plants, objets d'art, mirrors ...), Jean-Baptiste Huynh quickly made a name for himself in the world of photography thanks to his very singular and precise practice , with a strong appetite for black and white. He is now honored by the National Museum of Asian Arts Asian National Arts - Guimet, who has at once offered to immortalize some pieces of his collections, but also to present all of his work through three series of photographs, made in particular in Vietnam, India, Japan, China and Cambodia.

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