Le Grand Palais des Glaces

Von 13 Dezember 2019 in 08 Januar 2020

The Grand Palais des Glaces offers the unique experience of skating under the great glass roof of the Grand Palais 

Illuminated ocean at the jardin des plantes

Von 18 November 2019 in 19 Januar 2020

An extraodirnary exhibition-event that will delight everyone while awaking  the awareness on the fragility of the oceans.

Exhibition Leonardo da Vinci in the Louvre

Von 24 Oktober 2019 in 24 Februar 2020

For the 500-year anniversary of the death of Leonardo Da Vinci, the Louvre presents the largest collection in the world of da Vinci's paintings and drawings.

Atelier des Lumières-Van Gogh Starry Night

Von 22 Februar 2019 in 31 Dezember 2019

A journey into van Gogh’s greatest masterpieces!



The "I love you" wall

With your lover or just in a romantic mood ?